Talent Development in Action

Accelerating Leadership Development

FTI Consulting is committed to accelerating the growth of our current and future leaders at every level throughout their careers. Our leadership programs help our leaders live our values more fully and build and demonstrate FTI Consulting’s competencies with their team members so they can take over and move up, practicing a coaching and sponsorship model for development.

Our Story

FTI Consulting invests in creating leaders at all levels through our annual milestone programs and Senior Managing Director readiness programs. In addition to the networking and collaboration benefits of these in-person, multiday programs, the course curriculum enhances participants’ strategic intellect, helps them raise their performance to a higher standard and encourages them to grow and empower others to lead every day.

During these multiday, in-person leadership readiness programs, President and Chief Executive Officer Steve Gunby shares a strategic business update with participants, as well as his own insights into what makes a strong leader in professional services. Additionally, members of our Executive Committee, practice leaders and external subject-matter experts share their stories of how they rose to the leadership ranks, provide tangible examples of their own missteps and successes on their path to leadership, and offer one-on-one and group mentorship and coaching opportunities to help participants understand their role in contributing to the firm’s multiyear growth trajectory.

Our Impact

895 employees

In 2020, 895 employees attended milestone and Senior Managing Director readiness programs, accelerating their effectiveness in their new roles. Since 2017, 140 participants of the Managing Director Leadership Forum and the Women’s Initiative Managing Director Transformational Leadership Program have been promoted to Senior Managing Director.

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