Talent Development

Real World Experience

At FTI Consulting, our professionals have the opportunity to make their own impact by working on headline-making, history shaping engagements.

We have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and foster a culture of collaboration. Identifying and developing the next generation of experts is at the very core of our growth strategy.

Experts with Impact

FTI Consulting is the firm our clients call upon when their most important issues are at stake. Click here to watch the video.

From day one, we empower our people with hands-on experience at the highest levels of business and industry. Upon joining FTI Consulting, professionals have the opportunity to work alongside and learn from the top experts in their fields. Our people are not just consultants; they established the theory, wrote the book and taught the class.

In addition to the deep expertise within our firm, given our small teams and expert-driven model, our professionals also have the opportunity to work with and learn from our clients, including management teams of Fortune 100 companies, leading law firms and the world’s largest financial institutions. Influential client collaboration allows our professionals to apply their knowledge and skills directly — all while receiving real-time feedback.

Combined, these unmatched growth opportunities — to work with leading experts and engage directly with our clients as they navigate their greatest challenges and opportunities — are what set FTI Consulting apart. Our trusted advisors have a seat at the table for high-impact engagements that shape history. They’ve served as trusted experts in the Wells Fargo consumer fraud investigation, the Queensland Nickel liquidation, the Luckin Coffee internal investigation, the Steinhoff International restructuring, the AT&T/Time Warner antitrust clearance, the LATAM Airlines restructuring, the Virgin Galactic IPO and the Swedbank anti-money laundering investigation, among others.

“When I joined the Health Solutions practice after graduation, I was worried I would be lightyears behind the rest of my start class, most of whom had previously been interns. They were already familiar with the projects, the people, the skills, even the office layout! Still, I went into my first day ready to learn, and I was greeted with a team ready to get me up to speed. Between my coach, my project team and our new hire training instructors, I was provided with everything I needed to hit the ground running and make an impact. Now, four years later, I love getting to share the same support with our interns and new hires.”

Grace Nowadly
Senior Consultant, Health Solutions

Impacting Engagements that Shape History

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