Our Culture

In 2014, we embarked on a transformational journey to move from a firm where our business segments were largely siloed and growth was primarily driven by acquisitions to a more integrated, organic growth-focused firm.

To achieve this goal, over the last several years, we have invested boldly behind numerous people programs and initiatives that have been central to attracting, developing and retaining the best professionals in the market. From hiring our first-ever Chief Human Resources Officer in 2014, to introducing internal events focused on driving collaboration, to engaging our people on their views of FTI Consulting’s culture and values, we have made tremendous progress toward achieving our goal of being an employer of choice.

Our Human Capital Journey

“The growth we have achieved over the last several years only happens through intense commitment by our people in support of our clients, together with major efforts to attract and support talented individuals as they develop themselves and help us build businesses. I therefore want to thank our leadership and teams across the globe for that commitment and congratulate the entire team on our success.”

Steve Gunby
President and Chief Executive Officer

Our Values

At FTI Consulting, regardless of business segment, level or location, we have similar expectations and aspirations for ourselves and others, and we have been able to capture that spirit through the articulation of our common values, which spell out the words “I CARE” and emphasizes two points:

“I” implies that living the values is a personal exercise — one for which each of us has responsibility. 

“CARE” implies both concern for the wellbeing of the organization and also ownership — that having this organization thrive matters to each of us.

Our people live the FTI Consulting Values and help create a common culture that is grounded by each of our core values:

I” is for Integrity, which is the value that scores the highest in terms of both our current self-assessment and our aspirations. We share a broad agreement that the people we work with are trustworthy, ethical and value long-term success over short-term gain. Integrity is the foundation on which the other values stand, and the one most firmly ingrained today.

C” is for Creativity, which is meant to capture the ideas of innovation and measured risk-taking for the firm, as well as anticipating future client needs and doing the right thing for clients every day.

A” is for Achievement. To FTI Consulting employees, values should include not just who we are and how we act, but also what we achieve for our clients and our teams. In reality, the firm rewards achievement, and so we felt for the values to be “real,” it was important to include achievement explicitly.

R” is for Respect, which includes the basics of professionalism, such as disagreeing with ideas and not people, and also taking continual steps to make our workplace more inclusive so that we are better able to serve our increasingly diverse clients while becoming an employer of choice for top talent.

E” is for Empathy, recognizing that all FTI Consulting employees are human beings with feelings and lives outside of work. Human connectivity motivates all of us and makes FTI Consulting a special place to work. It’s not just that we achieve great results, it’s that we have a remarkable team of people who work together to make results happen.

Awards & Recognition

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