Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

The Four Pillars

Below are four pillars that encompass the actions FTI Consulting is taking to achieve racial and social equity both within the firm and the communities in which we do business.

Underlying each of these pillars is a commitment to increase investment, accountability and support, which we believe will allow us to turbocharge our Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging efforts. Click below on each pillar for more about our goals, commitments and highlights from 2020.

Our Goal: To better support, promote and retain underrepresented minorities

Our Commitments:

  • Enhance expectations of mentors to ensure that underrepresented minority talent at FTI Consulting is paired with strong mentors.
  • Host inaugural annual Diversity Summit in 2021 to enhance connections and provide a sense of community.
  • Further support and enhance our Diversity Ambassadors program through increased investment and resources.
2020 highlights

FTI Ignite

Launched as a pilot in 2020, FTI Ignite is a career development experience which brings our diverse Consultants, Senior Consultants and Directors together in small settings, creating mentorship and group accountability over a 12-month period. Participants engage in facilitated development sessions hosted by selected leaders across the company. Approximately 125 participants are engaged globally in the program.

Diverse Senior Director and Managing Director Mentorship Program

To strengthen the development of business acumen and prepare our Senior Director and Managing Director talent for leadership roles, this program pilot paired 30 professionals from underrepresented groups within FTI Consulting with Senior Managing Directors. The mentors concentrate on individual development needs and goals based on their mentee’s career aspirations.

Our Goal: To remain a vibrant, progressive and well-respected organization for years to come

Our Commitments:

  • Bolster internal efforts to surface experienced hire candidates of diverse backgrounds.
  • Significantly enhance our pre-ID programs to attract diverse talent on campus.
  • Double the number of early-ID internship opportunities.
2020 Highlights

Future Leadership Internship Program

Female and diverse students in their second year of college earn the opportunity to build their network and gain technical experience, while receiving personalized coaching and professional development from leading women in their field of interest.

Women and Diverse Leaders in Consulting Forum

Top-performing diverse campus talent participate in an interactive recruiting event which includes hands-on learning activities and networking with current and future FTI Consulting professionals globally. Twenty-seven of more than
600 offers were accepted for this prestigious initiative, all of whom will join FTI Consulting in the fall of 2021.

Our Goal: To be a responsible corporate citizen that leverages the unique skillsets of our experts across the globe to support equality and justice in the communities in which we do business

Our Commitments:

  • Doubling our total employee matching contributions compared to 2019.
  • Supporting skills-based volunteering and pro bono engagements that are important to our people.
  • Turbocharging our impact on the world through pro bono activities by leveraging our expertise across the firm and the introduction of a Pro Bono Advisory Committee.
2020 highlights
  • FTI Consulting more than doubled our total employee matching contributions compared to 2019.
  • Our professionals volunteered more than 4,000 hours to support charitable causes that matter most to them.
  • Our experts contributed over USD$2.1 million in pro bono services.

Our Goal: To foster a culture where everyone feels empowered to speak up and supported to engage so they can be themselves

Our Commitments:

  • Introduce internal communications platforms for continuous engagement.
  • Enhance learnings through more robust training programs.
  • Introduce forums for active discussions at multiple touchpoints throughout the year.
2020 Highlights

Global Voices, Insights and Perspectives

To keep the dialogue alive, in August 2020 FTI Consulting launched our Global Voices, Insights and Perspectives Webinar series. Through partnering with external and like-minded organizations and professionals, we are able to broaden the conversation around diversity and inclusion. Professionals across the globe have the opportunity to engage in dialogues on a multitude of diversity and inclusion topics ranging from gender to race and ethnicity.

Crucial Conversations

Candor allows us to build perspectives and learn more about other’s backgrounds and culture. Our Crucial Conversations series is a bi-monthly platform designed to build awareness of diversity, inclusion and belonging topics for employees in order to impact their future interactions with their colleagues, clients and communities. Hispanic Heritage Awareness and Perspectives of the Healthcare System in the Black Community are two of the many events where we have engaged FTI Consulting employees in open and transparent dialogues.

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