Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Measuring our Progress

Being an inclusive employer is an essential part of FTI Consulting’s growth strategy. We recognize that our future success depends on our ability to provide definitive and diverse expertise to our clients, which can be achieved only if we foster a culture of diversity among our talent pool.

As FTI Consulting dismantles barriers to opportunity for all our people, we remain dedicated to being transparent with employees, our clients and other stakeholders. We hold ourselves fully accountable for consistently driving change throughout our global organization. To do so, we aim to capture data that allows our people to reflect the various dimensions of their identity. This data on our hiring practices will help us identify areas where we can continue to improve our tactics and attract a diverse slate of applicants.

Our hiring data shows that we are making progress towards attracting and developing more diverse talent as we continue to invest behind recruiting and talent development initiatives, as well as introduce programs and policies that promote a more diverse and inclusive workplace. 

Working Towards Gender Equality

Similar to other professional services firms, we have more work to do to reshape our pipelines in order to attract and retain top female talent.

We recognize this as an area of opportunity to improve through hiring, development and retention initiatives, and to support our aspirations we have introduced the following programs and policies:

Creating a Diverse Pipeline of Talent

While we have made tangible progress with our gender initiatives, we have much more work to do to increase the percentage of underrepresented minorities at FTI Consulting. 

To meet our bold ambitions, we have turbocharged our hiring, development and retention initiatives by introducing the following programs and policies:

Gender Representation*

*As of December 31, 2020

Global Workforce: Underrepresented Ethnic Percentage

Diversity Reporting at FTI Consulting
FTI Consulting invites applicants and employees to self-identify their personal demographic information. Providing this information is voluntary and all information is treated confidentially and only reported in aggregate. FTI Consulting will continue to engage our people in honest conversations to build trust and awareness of the importance of accurate demographic information.

FTI Consulting’s Approach to Gender
All employees are asked their gender during onboarding, and all regular employees are included in gender reporting. FTI Consulting understands that not all people’s gender identity matches their sex assigned at birth and the company will continue to broaden our surveys to reflect that.

FTI Consulting’s Approach to Race and Ethnicity
Racial/ethnic diversity data collection is limited due to laws and restrictions in certain countries. The way ethnicity is reported varies from one country to the next, and FTI Consulting continues to expand our understanding of how best to tailor our surveys to capture the most comprehensive data.

We survey our employees based on the legal framework of local countries and benchmark our data to local demographics. Many local jurisdictions do not allow employers to collect information about ethnicity; thus, FTI Consulting’s racial and ethnicity information only includes our workforce in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia. These five countries represent 77% of the company’s regular employees as of December 31, 2020. Employees who self-identify in traditionally underrepresented groups in their countries are considered part of this underrepresented ethnic group.

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