CEO letter

“Creating a vibrant and thriving professional services firm requires attracting, developing and promoting great people with ambitions to grow their businesses.”

As you know, the last year has presented enormous challenges for individuals and organizations around the globe. Our success in the face of those many challenges speaks to the strength of our enterprise and its relevance to clients facing major events. In turn, that strength is only possible because of the tremendous dedication and resilience of our more than 6,400 employees globally.

That linkage is not surprising: Success in professional services comes from attracting, developing and promoting great people with ambitions to serve clients tenaciously and grow great businesses. In my experience, the best indicator of future success in professional services is the number and quality of people excited to join a firm, both laterally and at the entry level, and the commitment of the firm to develop and promote those people.

At FTI Consulting, we have committed to supporting our people and investing behind them, in weak quarters as well as in strong ones, a strategy that we believe creates an enterprise that delivers increasingly powerful results for our clients and supports the growth, development and aspirations of the talented people who choose to build their career here. In recent years, we have broadened and strengthened that commitment by focusing on ensuring that the people we are attracting and promoting embody our core values and represent the breadth of diverse talent in our society. That aspiration to broaden the pools of people who find us a great place to work is a critical pillar for sustaining our multi-year growth trajectory for years and years to come.

Though there is always more to be done, I am so proud that due to the efforts of many people, we are making tangible progress on our people efforts — from our diversity, inclusion & belonging programs to our investments in talent development and our pledge to leverage our people’s expertise to help the world more broadly. Given the critical nature of these programs, we thought it would be valuable for our people, our clients, our shareholders and the communities in which we do business to have a better understanding of the progress we are making, our core values and the culture we are cultivating within the firm. With that in mind, we are pleased to share our inaugural Human Capital Report.

Steve Gunby
President and Chief Executive Officer

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